Core Competencies

The Livingston Group's core competencies include direct lobbying and government relations, international relations/business development, general public affairs counsel and strategic marketing services. These capabilities are performed by a network of experts dealing in a wide range of specialty practice areas. We also bring years of experience and knowledge of federal government agencies and departments. Members of the TLG team have proudly served under both Republican and Democratic Administrations, and include former Members of Congress of both parties, congressional staff, state representatives, staff of governors, and former corporate executives.

Government Relations

Timing and access to the right people make all the difference in meeting client objectives. The depth of The Livingston Group’s political and policy expertise allows us to elevate your issues and standing to identify and reach the right decision makers at the right time.

The networks of The Livingston Group and its affiliates extend widely within the Administration and Congress; relationships with Democratic and Republican Members of Congress in the House and the Senate are broad and deep. TLG places a particular emphasis on direct contacts with Members, and our team of former Members and high-level congressional staff is a special asset in that regard.

Congressman Livingston leads the firm along with several Partners; they are joined by the firm’s Senior Counselors, all former Members of Congress. Likewise, the TLG team includes senior executive branch officials with intimate knowledge of policies, programs, personnel and operations of several key federal departments and agencies.

Actions at the state and local level can also have a profound impact on our clients’ interests. New trends in federalism continue to move regulatory and legislative power to the state and local levels. Policies ranging from antitrust enforcement to environmental protection to homeland security now impact companies as much in the states as in Congress or the federal bureaucracy.

The Livingston Group has Washington-based professionals, as well as strategic alliances in a number of state capitals that can deliver results in key states.  Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland and Virginia are examples of our breadth of state expertise.

The Livingston Group also works on an international scale, with both an inward and outward focus. TLG is skilled at assisting and representing the interests of foreign governments and corporations in their U.S. affairs and business before the Congress and with executive branch agencies. In some cases, TLG operates as an extension of a country’s embassy or U.S. mission.

TLG is equally effective helping U.S.-based clients in their dealings with foreign governments, including working with embassy officials in the U.S. and with the legislative body and the executive branch in the country.

Public Affairs

Every day, The Livingston Group works with our clients to help them achieve their goals through a focus on issues. With our expertise in public policy, understanding of governmental processes, and appreciation for the impact of political pressures and considerations, TLG can help clients design public affairs strategies that advance their objectives, anticipate and negotiate obstacles, and reach their desired outcome. As our practice areas show, TLG can provide skilled policy analysis and advice on a wide range of issues.


"Lobbyists are advocates in a complex system of legislation, just as lawyers are in the world of the courthouse." – Bob Livingston

The Livingston Group has the necessary experience and expertise to design and implement comprehensive advocacy plans for our clients. These advocacy plans consider the multiple channels and vehicles for effectively communicating the message to key decision makers.

TLG’s advocacy services include identification of current and potential allies; development and management of coalitions; engagement of think tanks, educational institutions, non-profits, and other non-governmental organizations; harnessing existing influential communities of support, from a company’s workforce to a country’s diaspora population in the U.S.; and developing relationships with critical policy influencers that can reinforce and amplify a client’s message.

With strategic advocacy, TLG helps clients deliver their message with maximum impact for maximum results.

Strategic Communications

Effective communication is critical to successful government relations and public affairs advocacy. Before you can influence, you must be understood. The Livingston Group considers strategic communications a critical element of any client representation.

TLG works with clients to help shape and develop messaging that is focused, audience specific, and designed to achieve targeted outcomes.

The Livingston Group understands how interest groups, media commentary and political dynamics can shape public opinion, impacting your policy or business goals. Public image and reputation are valued assets for private companies, non-profit institutions and even sovereign nations. TLG strategic communications services take these factors into consideration to maximize the synergies in our clients’ communications and government relations activities while protecting and advancing their interests.

Business Solutions and Trade Promotion

The most successful companies and organizations continually seek growth by looking for new markets. The Livingston Group’s professionals have experience in the public and private sectors in the areas of trade, export promotion, corporate communications, and identifying investment opportunities and commercial partnerships. This experience informs our work for clients facing commercial challenges from domestic and foreign governments, in identifying viable partners, or navigating political and economic minefields. Our ability to assist clients in these areas spans all sectors covered by our practice areas, including the often challenging world of U.S. federal government procurement. Matching federal purchasers with clients' goods, services and technologies is a natural corollary to the firm’s government affairs services.

Grant Writing

Government affairs experience, leveraged with public relations and marketing know-how, tells a strong, compelling story. Livingston Group consultants take the time to know what the grant readers are hoping to achieve with their awards and relay those intricacies to clients to ensure the project has the necessary elements. We then determine what kind of tangible evidence and measurements are being sought, what the role of the local government or private sector is expected to be and then the story-telling begins. Tell us your story and let's see how we might work together!