A primary concern of the Federal government is to safeguard our citizens from cybercrime attacks.

For more than a decade, notions of warfare have been expanding to include conflicts waged on the virtual battlefield of the Internet and throughout the information technology universe. These conflicts are waged with cutting edge technology for both offensive and defensive objectives, creating new challenges to protect and secure the country in the Information Age.

Congress has long been concerned with this issue, holding hearings every year since 2001. Key cybersecurity legislation directed at protecting the nation's information technology networks for gas, water, electrical power distribution, transportation, and other infrastructure has been a high priority. . Notwithstanding the political differences over enactment of legislation, cyber security remains a top concern on the national agenda and is an area that holds extraordinary reach and implications for the future.

The Livingston Group's Cybersecurity practice area addresses the myriad vulnerabilities that, if not resolved, will adversely affect key cornerstones to our economy.

Our practice area focuses on working with key policy makers to enact strong new laws and regulations, along with adequate government funding, aimed at addressing the cybersecurity issue. Our TLG team engages business entities, utilities, financial institutions and educational institutions, among others, to secure our nation's cyberspace.

One of TLG's strengths is our working relationship with security policy makers in Congress and the executive branch. We are well positioned to help shape cybersecurity policy. Our team offers considerable understanding and experience to our clients, ranging from intellectual property to weapons systems to infrastructure protection. To this effort TLG brings professionals with substantive knowledge and expertise in the areas of homeland security and cybersecurity.

TLG Team

Bernie Robinson - served on Illinois Governor George Ryan's cabinet with responsibility for all federal affairs.  Mr. Robinson also served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA).  He established and led a 50 state government affairs program for Philip Morris USA from 1978 to 1984 and, from 1984 to 1990, Mr. Robinson was based in Lausanne, Switzerland as a member of a 13 person Philip Morris management team, with activities in 86 countries.

Richard L. Rodgers - coordinated the U.S. Navy's liaison effort with Senate and House Appropriations committees on the funding requirements for all Navy operations and procurement activities. Previously as Deputy Executive Secretary for the Secretary of Defense, Mr. Rodgers facilitated the coordination of positions and agenda for the Department of Defense.  During his 29 years of military service, Mr. Rodgers served in a wide variety of other leadership and command positions as a naval officer.

George P. Sigalos - handled government affairs for a top five U.S. defense contractor and represented over 500 small, medium, and large defense and other federal contractors at a prominent national trade association. Mr. Sigalos has extensive experience working with the congressional oversight committees related to defense and procurement in both the House and Senate.