The public profile of a sovereign nation in Washington, DC can be critical to the success of that nation's foreign policy goals. Challenges can include understanding and navigating the U.S. body politic, business community and civil society. Objectives of a sovereign nation may include addressing economic and trade impediments, securing economic and defense assistance, arranging multilateral financing, engaging private sector partners and investors, and communicating and engaging with local Diaspora communities.

Similarly challenging to U.S. corporations, non-profits and associations in the fast moving global economy is achieving objectives in other countries. TLG provides strategic counsel designed to help clients find creative solutions to complex political, commercial and regulatory challenges across a variety of sectors, including to foreign corporations facing challenges in the U.S.

We advise governments and private sector clients on responsible and sustainable standards for governance and business practices. This counsel requires in-country advocates as well as access to U.S. government resources and support from federal agencies, international organizations, associations, financial institutions, and Congress. We draw upon our expertise in the U.S., including specialized understanding and ability to access Diaspora and minority communities and their advocates in civil society and Congress, as well as a network of affiliates around the world.

Lead Partner and Director

Honorable Robert L. Livingston - is a Founding Partner of The Livingston Group and a distinguished former Republican Member of Congress from Louisiana.


Honorable Joseph H. Blatchford - is a former Director of the Peace Corps and Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce. Mr. Blatchford is an attorney, specializing in international trade and tariff matters on behalf of foreign industries and government agencies before the U.S. executive branch and courts. He lobbies to secure or defend U.S. foreign assistance and trade preferences. He also advises on communications strategies to deal with the press and media.

Honorable Eva Clayton – is a former five-term Democratic Member of Congress from North Carolina, serving from 1993 to 2003. While in Congress, Ms. Clayton served on the Agriculture and Budget committees, and as Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Ms. Clayton served as Assistant Director-General and Special Adviser to the Director-General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy. She helped to establish national alliances and partnerships in over 24 countries to fight hunger and poverty.

Honorable William H. Zeliff, Jr. - is a former Republican Member of Congress from New Hampshire and House Deputy Whip. Mr. Zeliff served as Chairman on the National Security, International Affairs and Judiciary Subcommittee, and as a member of the Transportation, Government Reform and Small Business committees.

Puneet Ahluwalia - is an experienced lobbyist and international business advisor. Mr. Ahluwalia brings to TLG his expertise in coalition building and messaging, combined with a strong background in international affairs. He has an extensive background in issue management, public policy, international trade, and coalitions.

Dana Bauer - is a veteran of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Intelligence Council. She directly supported the Director of Central Intelligence on matters relating to Turkey and the Aegean Region. Ms. Bauer serves on the board of directors and as President of the American Iraqi Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Lydia A. Borland - has over 25 years of international experience with companies and countries. Her specialties include Turkey, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East. She is the former Washington representative of the Turkish U.S. Business Council and Deputy Executive Director of the United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Borland is fluent in Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French and Azerbaijani.

Ian Butterfield – has three decades of experience in international and energy matters. He served as the International and Government Affairs Director for the Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Mr. Butterfield worked for 12 years in the U.S. Senate, counseling committee members on matters relating to national security, foreign policy, defense, and nuclear, chemical and biological proliferation. He also served as Secretary to the Senate delegation to the NATO Parliament. Mr. Butterfield was a member of the foreign policy team of the Heritage Foundation, where he wrote and published extensively on African affairs.

Terence Costello - is a 30-year veteran of the private sector, executive branch and Capitol Hill who is engaged in marketing opportunities and securing business in Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

William D. Crosby, Jr. - is a former Chief Counsel and Republican Counsel on House Rules Committee, with a total of 27 years of experience. Mr. Crosby served as a Navy officer during the Vietnam War.

Harvey F. Ernest, Jr. - recently completed a 27-year career with 3M, a $16 billion global company. He was head of 3M Federal Systems, the central strategy and business development organization for national government markets. Mr. Ernest has experience in developing global strategies and marketing organizations for national government business development corporate-wide.

Cathryn J. Kingsbury - has a comprehensive background in Middle East and European affairs and ten years experience serving international clients ranging from corporations to foreign governments. She is manager of TLG's 14-nation International Affiliate Network. Ms. Kingsbury is the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus for the School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University.  

David M. Lonie - is a former foreign policy analyst for the House Republican Study Committee and senior aide on the House Foreign Affairs and Rules committees.

J. Allen Martin - John Allen Martin is the Managing Partner of The Livingston Group. Mr. Martin was Chief of Staff to Congressman Bob Livingston (R-LA) throughout Mr. Livingston's 22 year congressional career. He has extraordinary working relationships with a wide variety of congressional leaders, and officials in the executive branch and foreign governments.

Ron McMurray - previously served as Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne's (R-ID) representative in Washington, DC and the principal federal lobbyist for Idaho's business and trading partners. During this period, he was also a member of the Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee for U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick.

George Sigalos - served as political liaison with U.S. and foreign governments for Halliburton–KBR, as the firm's Director of Government Relations. He acted in a strategic role to guide the company's national and international posture in the legislative and political arenas. Mr. Sigalos maintained an active rapport with the U.S. Congress and executive branch agencies, and with ambassadors, the diplomatic corps, and other leaders of foreign governments. He has participated on numerous board and entities, has spoken at many national and international forums, holds a considerable published portfolio, and has appeared on numerous national and international broadcast media.

Representative Clients:

  • Republic of Iraq
  • Ukrmetalurgprom (Ukrainian Steel Association)