Defense/Technologies and Homeland Security

  • Advocated successfully with Congress and the executive branch on behalf of large defense contractor in major purchase of satellite communication firm
  • Generated legislative language for military component supplier to improve business opportunities in a defense logistic contract
  • Secured funding for testing and certification of synthetic fuels for the U.S. Air Force Fleet

Education and Non-Profits

  • Secured $2.8 million in funding for a U.S. based non-profit organization for African workforce development, related training and education
  • Generated $37 million in sales for a comprehensive mathematics instruction program, marketing all aspects of program from furniture and computer hardware/software to training and ongoing service for the product
  • Secured major appropriations successes on behalf of public and private universities, as well as innovative learning programs

Energy, Environment and Natural Resources

  • Collaborated with corporation’s Washington office and affected business units to secure legislation that clearly establishes statutory authority for construction of offshore liquefied natural gas re-gasification terminals
  • Achieved congressional funding goals for alternate energy technologies, including photovoltaic, hydrogen storage, fuel cells and advanced batteries
  • Secured carbon storage tax credit
  • Worked to get synthetic fuels included in an “alternative fuels” definition and thereby qualified for an alternative fuel tax credit

Financial Services and Tax

  • Provide advocacy and counsel to a foreign central bank on U.S. tax, trade and other policies affecting that nation; TLG and Jones Walker, a TLG strategic partner, facilitates meetings and dialogue between the bank and appropriate representatives from the legislative and executive branches
  • Served at the forefront of efforts by an African nation to expose and regulate the activities of “vulture funds,” which buy defaulted or non-performing debt from creditors of vulnerable developing countries, particularly in Africa and Latin America
  • Provide strategic advice and assistance to a mortgage industry data utility to help the organization navigate the legal and regulatory reforms for the mortgage and financial services industry and position the company as an industry solution for new data tracking, disclosure and transparency requirements
  • Assisted a national think tank’s financial reform project in advancing its positive agenda by providing strategic insights into the political dynamics that shaped the legislative process around financial services reform
  • Led and coordinated a representation team which provided advice and counsel to a ministry of finance regarding replenishments and loans with the World Bank and IMF, as well as strategic communications counsel. We also advised the nation’s embassy on outreach to Congress and the U.S. Administration

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

  • Positioned chain of Catholic hospitals to have positive influence on Medicare and Medicaid funding decisions
  • Helped defeat appropriations language that would have been damaging to the business of a large U.S. pharmaceutical company
  • Negotiated successful transfer of several hundred jobs from a pharmaceutical factory in France to the United Kingdom, working with local French community and political leaders
  • Secured congressional appropriation earmarks for adult stem cell collaborative science and clinical work on regenerative medicine


  • Served as the leading legislative strategist in the successful effort to have Congress approve the U.S. - Morocco Free Trade Agreement
  • Helped secure a critical waiver for a foreign government by engaging Congress and the executive branch regarding legislation detrimental to normalized relations and bilateral trade
  • Helped foster the creation of a congressional caucuses to focus and galvanize legislative allies in support of foreign government clients
  • Planned, coordinated and staffed a multi-city, multi-day visit by a senior delegation of an international NGO, including meetings with Congress, business and opinion leaders, think tanks and corresponding NGOs, managing follow-up activities and providing strategic advice and counsel on opportunities that emerged from that visit
  • Secured $1 billion in Economic Support Funds for a country, which could be leveraged into $8.5 billion in loans
  • Secured significant increases in U.S. assistance for several countries
  • Drafted, promoted and secured passage of legislation condemning terrorist attacks in a country in a record three days
  • Helped design and make the case to Congress and the Administration that a country is a true friend to the U.S. and is rapidly reforming and democratizing, but that U.S. help is needed to address the country’s major challenges, including the threat of terrorism
  • Helped to educate policymakers on the destabilizing impact of a U.S. ally’s territorial dispute

Science, Technology and Telecommunications

  • Played leading role in obtaining congressional approval of cellular licenses for three small telecommunications firms; they were blocked by the Federal Communications Commission and unsuccessful in court, but TLG helped convince Congress to mandate that the FCC grant the licenses
  • Created opportunity for technology client to present congressional hearing testimony to address changes in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Opened dialogue with Congress and U.S. Customs officials on intellectual property dispute and sanctions needed for semiconductor patent infringement

Transportation, Shipbuilding, Shipping and Ports

  • Multi-year track record of success in obtaining significant funding for transportation infrastructure (waterways, roads, airports, shipyards, etc.) on behalf of local governments and private companies